How It Work's
Service Categories
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Carpentry
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • DJ
  • Electrical
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Handy Man/Woman
  • Landscaping/Yard work
  • Mounting (TV’s, Mirrors, Etc.)
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Plumbing
  • Technology/Electronics Setup


One of the first things you do when you get Exxtraconnect is create your digital network in a few easy steps. Let’s start your digital network:

  • First, Beauty professionals Invite your clients to join Exxtraconnect.
  • Second, Invite people you know that are great service providers like Painters Electricians, plumbers, mechanics, handy men/women etc. to Join.
  • That’s it First step Complete and your digital network has started!

Create a “Connect” TO refer service providers to clients

On Exxtraconnect when a user makes a referral it’s called a “Connect” so allow us to show you how that process works.

  • A Beauty Professional or a Client can create a connect. A connect simply outlines what service is needed and who needs it.
  • Once created and approved the Beauty professional assigns one or many service providers to that connect.
  • The Client has full power to communicate and work with the service provider(s) to determine the best pro for the job for the best price!
  • Finally Award the service provider the connect & begin work

We make connects easy, and fast!

  • Secure Messaging and Notifications

    To communicate with Beauty professionals, service providers, and clients: we have a secure messaging service and it powers the Connect process. So you are engaging with members of the network via messaging, with the option to communicate via voice as well. But you know we love our text messaging. 😊

    We also have Notifications within the app to alert you when events occur across the network. IE: When a connect transitions from In progress to complete, or our favorite alert: when a Connect is now completed!

  • Text Messages
  • ExxtraConnect App Notifications
  • Email Notifications

We make sure that when things happen across your network you are aware of it. Especially really important events.

Secure Digital Wallet’s and Payment Processing

We utilize industry leading payment processing technologies coupled with strong partners to ensure every transaction is safe from start to finish. Allow us to show you how it works during a connect.

  • As the Client your Connect is created and you awarded the best service provider the job.
  • Next up you pay 50% of the agreed upon amount. That amount is securely held with Exxtraconnect until the Connect is completed.
  • The job is successfully completed and both service provider and client agree. The remaining 50% is paid by the client.
  • Exxtraconnect securely release the funds to the service provider.
  • Exxtraconnect also pays the Beauty professional for setting up the connect.

All payments are securely transferred to a dedicated Exxtraconnect digital wallet for all Service providers and Beauty Professionals. Once the funds are within your wallet you can transfer to your personal or business bank accounts anytime.

  • Rankings and Ratings

    On completion of all Connects we request feedback on your interactions as Clients and Service Providers. We ask you to rate:

  • The beauty professional setting up the connect
  • The Service provider providing the service or the client requesting the service.
  • The Exxtraconnect Platform and its use.

Following our request for ratings we rank each of the members of our network and there are special incentives for reaching certain milestones of activities on the platform.

Contact us

ExxtraConnect is an innovative referral engine and the first platform designed for Beauty professionals. Our company has identified a unique business process in the Beauty Industry and digitized it, so beauty professionals can capitalize on something they already do. Reach out to us we love to connect.

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